About Highveld Anglican Board of Social Responsibility


HABSR promotes social care and responsibility in communities of the diocese of the Highveld. We assess and assist with the social and

pastoral needs of these communities and we co-operate with community projects as well as projects established by other communities and

faith organisations

Community Projects

Programmes and ministries under HABSR’S care include:

- Home Based Care projects

- Early Childhood Development Centres

- Homes for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

- Safe Parks

- Feeding Schemes

- Child Care Advocates


HABSR Annual Booklet 2017

Contact HABSR

Main Office Telephone number: (011) 422 2231/2

Programme Manager: Penny Heard

Email address: habsr@habsr.org.za

Website: habsr.org.za

Facebook: www.facebook.com/habsr.org.za/