About Mother's Union


Purpose: The purpose of the Mothers’ Union is to be especially concerned with all that strengthens and

preserves marriage and Christian family life

Aim: The aim of the Society is the advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life.

Mission Statement: The Mothers’ Union is a Christian Organisation, which promotes the wellbeing of families


We achieve this by:

- Developing prayer and spiritual growth in families.

- Studying and reflecting on family life and marriage and its place in society.

- Resorting our members to take practical action to improve conditions for families, both nationally and in the communities in which they


Important Annual Dates

- Annual General Meeting (AGM)

- Lady Day

- Quiet day

Contact Mother's Union

Office Telephone number: 011 422 6222

Office fax Number: 011 421 0044

Email address:

President’s contact: Mrs Zama Mashele

: 072 208 6872