About St Bernard Mizeki Guild


St Bernard Mizeki (c. 1861 - 18 June 1896) was an African Christian missionary and marttyr. He was born Mamiyeri Mitseka Gwambe in

Inhambe, Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique), but moved to Cape Town, Cape Colony (South Africa), when he was about twelve years

old. Bernard Mizeki is revered as a hero of faith in Africa. Today Bernard Mizeki College stands close to where he lived, and the

Mangwende's kraal, above the village, is crowned with a large cross to commemorate Bernard.

The Guild is seen as a foundation that teaches many of God and his ministry this has therefore lead to many members becoming priests.

The Guild also has a large role in social responsibility. Its members are seen preaching in correctional centres and hospitals

They also donate food, clothes and school uniforms to the poor.

Aim: 1. To promote and encourage the participation and nurturing of men's leadership in the life of the Church;

2. To proclaim the Kingdom of God as manifested in Jesus Christ, by:

- Encouraging the participation and nurturing of boys in the life of the Church;

- Encouraging Bible studies and faith sharing;

- Practicing stewardship;

- Doing visitations, seeking out the sick and practicing the ministry of healing;

- Being involved in the affairs of the community

- Promoting fellowship amongst the people; and

- Imitating Christ daily.

Contact St Bernard Mizeki Guild

Main Office Telephone number: 045 839 7113

President: Fr Peter Mbatha

Secretary: Mr Mninawe Jokani

: 079 506 1460

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